Founder and Chief Foodie

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My name is Vickie and you will usually find me with my head buried in a food magazine accompanied with a glass of Chablis and some cheese! I have spent over two decades developing PR and social campaigns for some of the UK's biggest food and drink brands including seven years heading up the Asda Food PR team. I have faced into some of the food industry's biggest crisies  (and survived) - from horsemeat to campylobacter - and I have advised businesses from board level down on how to manage reputational risk. 

I describe myself as a Food Communications Expert and I work across consumer, digital, corporate, social, celebrity, financial, crisis and trade sectors. I have a deep understanding of the food & drink industry which is dovetailed with a superior knowledge of the UK retail market, meaning I can develop campaigns which have true and measurable impact on reputation. I'm lucky to have great contacts so media relations is cinch and I understand how to develop creative campaigns that are relevant, interesting and sexy!

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I'm completely and utterly obsessed with cheese! I co-founded Homage2Fromage in 2011, a Northern cheese club and we run monthly events for 100s of turophiles (cheese fans). We even had our own pop up Cheese Cafe in Leeds, so I understand the challenges of running a restaurant.

I am London-born but proud to call Leeds my home. I am a busy mum and I spend a lot of time running after my two energetic sons. 


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